Dan Trocki On Yacht Entrepreneurship And The Palm Beach International Boat Show

BY Thomas Herd | April 27, 2021 | Feature


Dan Trocki is an established yacht entrepreneur who is the creative force behind nationally renowned yacht maker Buddy Davis Yachts and new yacht endeavor Vice Yachts. With over a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge to draw upon, as well as a contagious and lively personality, Trocki is taking these brands to the next level. We caught up with Trocki to ask him about the Palm Beach International Boat Show, which took place between March 25 and 28, and the boats he had on display.

Q. What did you bring to the Palm Beach International Boat Show this year?

A . We displayed a ton of stylish and innovative boats we are very proud of. We brought a 3-foot model of our newly launched Buddy Davis, designed by Pininfarina, 46 center console, which should be finished this summer. We also brought our 35-foot Buddy Davis express and 42-foot Buddy Davis center console, which is made completely of carbon fiber.

Q. Are the boats finished yet?

A. Not quite, but they will be ready by the summer

Q. We’ve been meaning to ask you about your new venture, Vice Yachts. Can you tell us a little about that?

A. Yeah, definitely. I recently partnered up with my brother, Mike Tallent, in order to start a new luxury yacht brand, Vice Yachts, which we are bringing to TF Yachts.

Q. That sounds exciting. How is it working with family?

A. We perfectly complement each other. It’s actually uncanny how well we work together. I am able to handle some of the networking and industry tasks due to my experience in the industry and social skill set. While my brother is also a great networker, he has an unparalleled engineering and construction background — not to mention a killer work ethic. I cover his blind spots and he covers mine, it’s ideal.

Q. So tell us the exciting details about the first Vice Yacht branded boats you’re going to release.

A. We're doing two boats to start. We are incredibly excited about both. We have a new 42-foot speed boat that we had on display at the show. It’s purple, green, and silver with custom 350 Yamaha engines; it is a head turner for sure. We are building a second yacht concept called ‘Vice 60.’ The Vice 60 is meant to be sleek, yet aggressive with a mix of luxurious European style design and strong american construction. The Vice 60 will come standard with MAN V12-1550s with output power of 1550hp as well as a top speed of 46.5 knots and a cruising speed of 42 based on preliminary data.

Q. Sold. When can we give it a test drive?

A. They’ll be out on the ocean in summer of 2022.

Q. We also heard that you have another project with one of your other brothers. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

A. Yes, definitely. My brother, Sam Trocki, and I have a charter boat company called American Dream Yacht Charters. We have a large fleet of many different boats that we use to charter rides in the South Florida area, mainly Miami Beach. Business has been great recently with the increase in activity in the Miami area.

Q. How do we buy these boats?

A. Contact the factory. We are factory direct so we give the customer the best quality for the best cost. You can reach out at or 609 965 2300. We also accept Bitcoin.

Q. Ok, final question. We heard you had a pretty cool idea to increase the cultural impact of the industry. Care to share?

A. I’ve always loved the Miami Vice type speed boat era. I'm bringing back the 70s and 80s retro style power speed boats with custom looks to give each customer a personal feel. When you buy a Vice you join our exclusive yacht mafia.

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