Good Vibes: 5 Guidelines To Living Well From An Industry Insider

Michael McCarthy | January 22, 2021 | Style & Beauty

Osmia Organics founder Dr. Sarah Villafranco believes in skin health for all.

The new Mini Bars from Osmia Organics PHOTO COURTESY OF OSMIA ORGANICS
The new Mini Bars from Osmia Organics

Dr. Sarah Villafranco is one of those people who finds success wherever she roams. In 2012, she ditched her career in emergency medicine to launch Osmia Organics, the mission of which is to promote wellness through skin health and sensory experiences. The company, now 23 employees strong, sells its earth-friendly products worldwide and regularly introduces new lines. We talked with Villafranco about her secrets to success in business and health.

What a year 2020 was! What’s your mantra going into 2021? My mantra has been simple: ‘Right now, in this moment, you’re OK.’ While the world has been far from OK, that little sentence has helped me shift from worrying obsessively about things I can’t change to becoming more present. Going into 2021, I think my mantra becomes a question, ‘How can I be most helpful right now?’ Whether it’s finding ways to support large causes like racial and social justice, or helping our customers find their healthiest skin, or carving out a moment to meditate, there’s always a way to help someone or yourself.

What has been your overall wellness routine during the past year? If I’ve changed anything, it’s been incorporating some slower workouts and restorative practices. The pandemic has softened my go-go-go mentality, and I’m grateful for that shift.

Osmia’s new Mini Bars are a big hit. What was the inspiration for them? The Mini Bars let you take your Osmia soap with you anywhere, and they’re perfect for sharing. For those who haven’t yet experienced the joys of [our] bar soap, this is an introduction to our greatest hits.

Brand founder Dr. Sarah Villafranco. PHOTO COURTESY OF OSMIA ORGANICS
Brand founder Dr. Sarah Villafranco

What are your basics for maintaining great skin during the dry winter? I put sea salt and liquid minerals in my water every time I fill my bottle to make sure my body is holding onto its hydration from the inside. I don’t double-cleanse, but I do double-hydrate when I’m feeling dry. And I add three precious drops of my Nectar Vital Rose to everything—my moisturizer, my sunscreen, even my hand cream—to increase moisture retention.

What’s the best wellness advice you’ve ever been given? My husband says, ‘You don’t have to take care of yourself; you get to take care of yourself.’

Photography by: Courtesy of Osmia Organics