10 Fashion Commandments From The Season's Hottest Cashmere Brand

Elizabeth Harper | February 1, 2021 | Style & Beauty

We sit down with co-founders Andrea and Edouard Leret of luxury cashmere brand LERET LERET for tête-à-tête of the utmost cozy proportions. Straight from the mouths of the sweater gods themselves, here are their 10 fashion commandments.

LERET LERET is the hottest cashmere brand coming to Palm Beach
LERET LERET’s sustainable business model is led by artistic expression.

Style comes from... within.

Throw twist at traditional with... a relaxed cashmere sweaters with graphics.

The ultimate cashmere indulgence is... sleeping in cashmere.

Whether a trunk show or an intimate dinner party, the comfy-chic hostess can always be found sporting... any piece that makes that person feel good that day. Perhaps it's a LERET LERET sweater.

Bespoke means... We dont even know at this point. First it was a verb; now it's an adjetive? Let's say it means 'so you.'

Forget initials! This year, we're embroidering... your to-do list on our sweaters.

Our forever wardrobe staple is... a cashmere crew neck and we’re not just saying that. We wake up and put it on. We go out with it. We hang at home in it. And sometimes we sleep with it.

Luxury is sexy because... Paris Hilton made it sexy.

We can't get through the season without... our cashmere beanie. Especially living in NYC. I don’t think we can go back to cotton beanies—it's just not the same. Sorry!

The trend we can't wait to try is... we’re behind on trends. We still havent tried the cronut.

Photography by: Courtesy of LERET LERET