Technology & the Outdoor Bonus Room, Presented by CEDIA

Ed Wenck | August 7, 2019 | Home & Real Estate

Smart-home technology—from audio/visual entertainment solutions to lighting and even heating and cooling—isn’t just for interior spaces. As any Floridian will tell you, backyard spaces have literally become something akin to “bonus rooms” and technology can bring those spaces into an even more functional level.


Some examples:

Outdoor TVs.

A number of manufacturers are designing televisions specifically for outdoor applications. In addition to their ability to withstand the elements—from driving rain to extreme temperature swings—various models are engineered for optimum color and contrast in direct sun or full shade.

Invisible surround-sound.

From speakers that resemble boulders or other natural elements to partially-buried, in-ground subwoofers, the technology’s there to bring a movie to life with audio that thrives in the great outdoors.

Outdoor lighting.

Advances in LED technology allow lighting to be incorporated as part of landscape design, illuminate pathways for safety, or highlight landscape features for dramatic effect.


Outdoor heating and cooling.

Automated fans and heaters designed to tuck into porch and patio ceilings can extend the use of these “extra rooms” into more than just seasons with perfect weather.

Spa and pool controls.

Automated heating and lighting are a plus in these features—or one can go the route taken by a homeowner who contracted Florida-based CEDIA member Smarthouse Integration. The client wanted “a light and sound show that can be seen and heard from space.”

Fifteen LED fountain lights, controlled by the same gear found at Disneyworld, are programmed to interact with the client’s preferred playlist. Outdoor speakers and subs are powered by two 1,000-watt and two more 700-watt amps. Each song has its own custom light show that’s called up individually on a Lutron keypad.

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Photography by: Photography courtesy SmartHouse Integration