Jupiter Medical Center and Lox Farms Are Producing More Fresh Greens and Healthy Lifestyles

By Jayne Chase | February 17, 2020 | Food & Drink

A beneficial partnership between Jupiter Medical Center and Lox Farms is producing more fresh greens and healthy lifestyles.

untitled14-0001.jpg Lox Farms’ greenhouse decorated for a seated meal with vegetables straight from the farm

Jupiter Medical Center is taking an innovative stab at stemming the threat posed by the poor nutrition of the Standard American Diet. They’ve partnered with Lox Farms (loxfarms.com), a Loxahatchee, Fla.-based organic farm, to create The Fresh RX Program. The program enables doctors to prescribe to patients a bag of Lox Farms produce, which includes a salad, a microgreen, seasonal vegetables and a delicious recipe, all delivered weekly free of charge. In addition, the farm is working toward planting a garden next to the hospital so the kitchen staff can utilize fresh produce on a daily basis in all their cooking. The JMC partnership fits perfectly with Lox Farms’ philosophy believing that “food should be your medicine.” As a part of their initiative to grow The Fresh RX Fund, Renato’s and Lox Farms teamed up last November for one of many farm-to-hospital dinners on the horizon—refreshing the joy of eating locally. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a patient to enjoy their certified naturally grown produce. Lox provides boxes of produce available for individual purchase and at-home delivery.

untitled70-0002.jpgmicrogreens growing in a Lox Farms greenhouse

untitled256-0002.jpga scene from the Renato’s dinner

untitled132-0001.jpgfarm manager AJ Azqueta giving guests a guided tour of the property prior to dinner

Photography by: Rory Mackay