Don't Stop Dreaming: These Future Travel Plans Can Get Anyone Out of the Doldrums

By Jayne Chase | April 3, 2020 | Lifestyle

Dreaming of a vacation, planning a travel itinerary or packing for a future trip can get anyone out of the doldrums. Below, a few Palm Beachers share their upcoming summer plans because luckily we will get through this period of quaratine!

amelieniklasohlroggeLVwC69KWuounsplash.jpgOld seaside towns are the perfect places to explore and relax.

“To me, there is nothing as tranquil as the ocean—its sound, its soothing froth of the waves and vibrant color. It always makes me feel better, and I will look forward to flying to Bali soon.” –Felicia Taylor

“We are looking forward to taking our delayed honeymoon in Portugal, and then I am going on a girls trip to Africa in June to tour the animal orphanages there.” –Sharon Bush

“We are planning on going to Monaco in October. We can’t wait to get back to the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel—our happy place!”
–Christine Schott Ledes

“Since I travel so often for my documentary work, I want to go to the most beautiful, hard-to-get-to spots I can think of, like the Raja Ampat on Misool Island.”
–Katie Carpenter

anthonydelanoixTkVy388Eopcunsplash.jpgTake advantage of rooftop terraces whenever possible to catch the sunset.

Photography by: Amelieniklasohlrogge/Unsplash | Anthony Delanoix/Unsplash