M Fine Arts Galerie

BY Dean Morris | December 13, 2018 | Feature Shops for Modern Decor

M Fine Arts Galerie is one of the most talked about new galleries in Palm Beach.
M Fine Arts Galerie in Palm Beach

Focusing on international contemporary artists, they regularly feature Chantal Lacout, the Parisian artist known for creating deeply sensitive and elegant sculptures, highly sought-after, New York based sculptor Kristen Klosterman, a Dreyfoos School of the Arts alumni, who creates impactful storm sculptures that offer a delicate presence in the gallery windows, internationally renowned, local painter Diana Nicosia and Brian Keith Stephens, a brilliant young artist whose whimsical animals were recently given a solo show at the gallery. He is currently prominently featured on the walls and passersby love his brightly colored giraffes and elephants.

The gallery, which hails from Boston, has already taken the island by storm in their second season, in large part due to their business model and curation style.

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