A Contemporary Design To Add A Fresh Look To This Traditional Home

Caroline Perrott | September 21, 2019 | Home & Real Estate

Cool-girl interior designer Jessica Schuster ushers in a new era of youthful abundance in this once very traditional space.

The Dedon furniture features Holly Hunt’s Great Plains fabric and throw pillows from Link Outdoor

Palm Beach’s architecture, interior design and overall style is very recognizable—you can see it in all of the island’s hot spots, from The Breakers Palm Beach to the day’s real estate listings, down to what is curated in the local boutiques. It is a traditional look that marks the very beginnings of the area’s history. Enter Jessica Schuster of Jessica Schuster Design, who brings a fresh new perspective to the table while continuing to instill the rich history tied to every Palm Beach home. “It was so important [to me] to restore both the interiors and the facade to the original principals of the architecture with a modern twist,” says Schuster. For this lovely Mediterranean-style midisland home, Schuster aimed for a contemporary design with Venetian plaster walls, cypress beams and wrought iron accents throughout, while also blending new and old furnishings. “[It’s] a nice mix of patina and polish scattered with a lot of local treasures from Antique Row on South Dixie!” notes Schuster. Due to the home’s close proximity to the water and the lifestyle in Palm Beach, Jessie, as she is known to friends, was able to treat the outdoors spaces as if they were their own imagined rooms, extending limestone floors from the interior to the exterior and adding Dedon outdoor furniture to create a blush tableau. A yellow sculpture by local artist Jane Manus crowns the pool, continuing to dress the space under a contemporary guise—the perfect contrast to the clay red ceramic tiled roof, an element so identifiable in Mediterranean homes. Another highlight is the entry foyer, featuring a table by J. Robert Scott flanked by two handshaped chairs from Iconic Snob Galeries that bring a playful conversation to the space. A queen of mixing styles, Schuster was able to seamlessly incorporate her youthful eye to create a space that continues to respect the traditional roots of the home—a feat that proves an ability far beyond her years.

The entry foyer features a mirror by J. Robert Scott, vintage marble table lamp from Churchill Galleries and an abstract sculpture by Jean Yves Legrand from Neo Studio.

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